Waiting Lists for Scott Kleinman's Courses

Spring 2016

If SOLAR requires a permission number for you to enroll in one of my courses, the course is already full and/or the deadline for registration has passed. The University now operates a waiting list which allows students on the list to enroll automatically if a space becomes available. The University waiting list operates through the first week of the semester. I will not issue permission numbers prior to or during the first week of classes. Information on obtaining a place on the University wait list for a class is available here.

After the first week of the semester, I may add additional students at my discretion. For this, I maintain a separate wait list, and I will not add anyone who is not on my wait list. If you are interested in adding one of my courses and are unable to register without a permission number, please fill out the form below to add yourself to the waiting list.

Some important points to remember:

If you are currently on my waiting list, you need not take any action. If a space becomes available for you, I will contact you immediately with a permission number. If you do not hear from me by the end of the first four classes (or two classes for courses that meet once a week), it is unlikely that I will be able to add you to the course.

To place your name to the waiting list, please enter the following information:

1. Name:
2. Student ID number:
3. E-Mail Address:
4. Select the course you wish to add.
5. Additional Information
6. Please fill out the reCAPTCHA form:

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