THATCamp Pedagogy

On October 15-16 I attended THATCamp Pedagogy at Vassar College. THATCamp is an “unconference” designed to bring together Digital Humanists and would-be Digital Humanists in a relatively informal format to discuss Digital Humanities issues, methods, tools, and so on (see the THATCamp web site for a better description). The Vassar meeting was oriented towards pedagogical issues.

THATCamps are divided between normal sessions and “Boot Camps”. The latter are the only pre-prepared presentations or workshops at a THATCamp. The first session was a Boot Camp on Integrating Digital Projects into Undergraduate Courses. Here’s a summary:

Rebecca Frost Davis, Program Officer for the Humanities, National Institute for Technology and Liberal Education (NITLE)

Kathryn Tomasek, Associate Professor of History, Wheaton College, Massachusetts

Digital methods of analysis exert growing influence on the practice of many disciplines in the humanities and social sciences, yet students majoring in non-science disciplines often have little exposure to computational thinking and working with computer code. At the same time, in the curriculum, the Digital Humanities promises significant learning benefits for undergraduates, who need a measure of digital literacy to function well as citizens in the twenty-first century. This bootcamp will present strategies for effectively integrating digital projects into undergraduate courses.… Read more…

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